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Beijing universal resort opened in the spring of 2021 is expected to thirty million tourists

Date: 2019-06-02

As the Beijing universal resort opened time approaching, the park planning also gradually through "mystery".On May 31, 2019, vice-president of China international service trade fair in Beijing city center culture tourism promotion conference held at the venue, tongzhou culture tourist area management committee director zhao said, Beijing universal studios project infrastructure construction will be completed by the end of next, in the first half of 2021 test run after a period of time, a date officially opened.It is understood that the current Beijing universal first phase of the project is a comprehensive construction, including the universal studios theme park, urban road project, etc.The future will also be building the second and the third theme park.In addition, Beijing universal resort will also bring to the surrounding area 10 times or more economic benefits.

Beijing international resort co., LTD., vice general manager of Ann mainland also for Beijing universal resort project, introduces the basic situation and the current construction situation, the mainland, said Beijing universal theme park and resort area of 4 square kilometers, in 2018, a startup phase of the subject construction.Current is the comprehensive construction of a phase of the project, including Beijing universal studios, universal studios hotel, resort hotel, entertainment, gold in universal city catering services focused on Beijing road, the first atlas exclusive hotel and parking building a period, etc.Among them, the parking building is expected to provide more than 6000 parking Spaces.According to understand, is expected in October 2020, covers an area of 1.6 square kilometers, the investment of about 46 billion yuan of the first phase of the Beijing universal resort construction project will be completed, then to the first half of 2021, there will be two hotels and urban commercial center and park at the same time for the opening.

The President and general manager of Beijing international resort co., LTD. Management branch MiaoLeWen also shows the universal studios at the scene of the famous water world, kung fu panda, huang, transformers, and many other movie scenes and film and television image.It is understood that universal studios recreational projects will include classic drift, the decepticons roller coaster, transformers 3 d riding, etc.Previously, according to the bidding content, Beijing universal studios theme park rides will include rafting, merry-go-round, festival lanterns, the decepticons roller coaster ride, transformers 3 d - the battle of scion, bumblebee swing dance hall, and maneuvering character, etc.

Talk about the future of planning, Beijing capital tourism group, period of strong after also revealed that in the future Beijing universal resort will also develop three theme parks and seven large resort hotel, will be more than 5000 rooms.At that time, Beijing universal resort will become the largest global theme park in Asia.Have agency predicted, BBS, the completion of the overall park reception of visitors is expected to more than 30 million each year.

Business newspaper reporter also learned that, on the other hand, Beijing tongzhou cultural tourist area is to carry out investment promotion and capital introduction, including travel docking, wen gen, performing arts, such as upstream and downstream related industries, and in a number of creative innovation, virtual reality and other "advanced" culture and the integration of science and technology projects.According to the planning, cultural tourism in the future will also introduce the creative design, animation games, performing arts entertainment, wenbo intangible, art, film and television production, international communication trade, high-end services, cultural fusion, leisure vacation, such as a number of upstream and downstream industry, form with intellectual property rights as the core of the whole industry chain, covering about hundred industry.

Universal resort opened in addition, Beijing will also bring huge economic benefits, MiaoLeWen said, the future Beijing universal resort will employ more than 14000 employees, and provide more than 9000 employees with separate staff apartment, at that time, including peripheral catering, hotel, etc., Beijing universal resort will bring to the surrounding area 10 times or more economic benefits.